fbpx Which Social Media Platforms are the Best for Your Business?
Which Social Media Platforms are the Best for Your Business?

Which Social Media Platforms are the Best for Your Business?

Are you a small business owner confused about which social media platform would be the best for your business? There's so many social networks out there, how do you know which ones your business should use and invest time and money in?

Well first of all, don't panic! The social network landscape has changed dramatically over the years but there are still networks that go against the grain of being 'the social norm'. These social platforms are great for small businesses to use as they have loyal followers who are not only engaged but are willing to share your content too. 

Social media plays an important role in the social life of many people. Many social networks are available for individuals to use, but social media platforms can also be very beneficial to businesses. With the right social networking strategy, it is possible for a business to reach more customers and gain visibility. If you want your business to be successful on social media, here are some social media platforms you should consider:

- Facebook  - Twitter  - LinkedIn  - YouTube  - Pinterest  - Snapchat. This list is not all inclusive as there are tons of other social networks out there that could help your business thrive. As social media marketing becomes more popular, new social media platforms will join this list as well as others may join the list of social networks that aren't as useful. The social media platforms listed here have been chosen as they are very popular amongst social network users and some have been proven to be great social networking tools for businesses.


Here's our list of the best social mediums for small businesses right now:

1) Snapchat - This is a newer social network and it's quickly being adopted by social media users. Snapchat is a social bookmarking application that allows its users to take photos, record videos, add text and drawings then send them instantly to a friend or yourself. The social network may have been created for 18+ but there are great benefits for small businesses who want to reach their audience on social platforms. Because posts can only be seen once, you need your audience to see your posts so they need to follow you which will allow their friends to see what you post too! This platform has the lowest bounce rate out of any social media site (meaning people find your content relevant and stick around).

2) Pinterest - Use this app if your products and services lend themselves well with images and ideas. Pinterest is a social bookmarking platform that allows users to create virtual pinboards of collections of images. Users can 'pin' images on their pinboards and share them with friends.

3) Instagram - Perhaps the most well-known social media app in recent times, this social networking app is great for businesses who are in creative industries or sell products that look good when in front of the camera lens. Instagram allows users to take photos, add filters and share with friends within seconds!

4) LinkedIn - We all know how important it is to have a strong online presence when looking for jobs but did you know your business can be easily found on LinkedIn? It's also full of professionals who are trying to network which makes it the perfect social network for your business to use too. Make sure you add social plugins to your blog and download the LinkedIn app to keep in contact with professionals when on the go!

5) Twitter - The social network that everyone has heard of, this social networking site is great for businesses who need social media support and shares instantly. You can share posts, thoughts and more which makes it a quick and easy social platform for customers and fans to follow you on.

6) YouTube - This social networking app allows users to upload videos ranging from 10 seconds up to an hour long. If 360 Video is something that interests you then this is also possible! Video marketing works well as it's engaging and shows what you or your company does best in order to sell the social media.

7) Facebook - The social network that started it all has recently become a social bookmarking platform but only allows the user to share bookmarks with their friends. However, businesses can still benefit from having their own page as it's an easy way for customers and fans to find out what you do instantly.

In general, small businesses benefit greatly from social media because it gives them an opportunity to promote their products and reach a wider audience. Also, some small businesses can hire freelancers or employees through social networks such as Linkedin and Facebook. Social networks allow these types of people to spread the word about your company while socializing with the target audience. Overall social media is a great way to generate free exposure for your company, get customer feedback, hire employees or freelancers, sell products, promote events/services/products, build relationships between customers and organizations, get instant social proof about your brand that something really popular is happening or just spread socializing among people who are interested in the same things. By paying attention to what other companies are doing on social networks you can learn how different types of content work well which can help you grow your own business.

As technology moves forward at a rapid rate, social networks keep changing and adapting to fit the needs of social media users today! It's important that your business social media accounts are keeping up with what social networks provide.