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What Is Wireframing?

During the early stages of the web design process, the designers initially create wireframes to establish the scope and test the functionality of the project.

A wireframe is the early model of the final product which uses illustrations and diagrams to demonstrate information architecture rather than visual design. Designers usually keep the details to a minimum for the wireframe to make it look simple and comprehensive, while still giving you a good idea of what the final product will look like.

Wireframes can be basic (low-fidelity) or detailed (high-fidelity). Some have a grayscale or monochrome palette only, while others can have a specific color scheme. Something to keep in mind is that wireframes are focused on functionality rather than aesthetics.

Although wireframes and prototypes are both early product models, they are different and serve different purposes. Wireframes usually have lower fidelity than prototypes and while wireframes test a products functionality, prototypes examine the combination of both visuals and operative designs.

Why Develop Wireframes?

Depending on the scope and the goal, not every project will need wireframe development. However, here are a few benefits to consider:

More Freedom to Design

Because its visual design is simplistic, a wireframe only acts as a border of a blank canvas. The user interface (UI) designer is not tied down by any previously-made design, making the creative process more free, fluent, and productive.

Save Time and Money

Wireframing can be as simple as drawings on paper, so if any issues or changes come up they can be fixed immediately in the early stages of design. Therefore, developing wireframes is a necessary investment for larger projects that have a lot of design elements to be included and a set budget that cannot be exceeded. Designers can make major changes promptly, which in the long run saves money, time, and resources compared to going back and fixing a coded website.

Effective Communication Tool

It's oftentimes difficult to communicate ideas with words. Different people will translate and visualize the designs differently, which in the long run can cause misunderstandings.

A wireframe is a much better communication tool for a productive design process as it uses visuals to illustrate ideas, which establishes a mutual understanding of the concept between the designers, developers, and clients. Wireframing will ensure seamless communication between all parties, creating a fluent and productive workflow.

Our Wireframe Development Services

At Pixel, we understand that creating a website is a significant investment so we want to make sure to provide you with exceptional value. Wireframing is an essential part of our web development services because we want to insure your website design is efficient and effective. You present us with your ideas and we will then translate them into functional wireframes. We will transition from the low-fidelity to high-fidelity frameworks, making sure that in the end your ideal product is achieved.

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