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Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is a marketing tool that targets potential leads by sending multiple emails to different contacts with information about a business’ products, services, or promotions. This process includes collecting contacts and creating contact lists, engaging with your audience via email, and converting them into customers.

Why Your Business Should Use Email Marketing

In today’s digital marketplace, many brands are migrating from traditional marketing tactics to email marketing. Instead of investing thousands of dollars on billboard campaigns or television commercials, businesses are communicating with their target audience right to their inbox! This is a great way to directly contact targeted leads to recruit loyal customers while being time and cost-effective.

Measurable Results

Unlike traditional marketing channels like television advertising, where the results are hard to measure, advertisers can easily monitor and analyze the number of leads that take action after the email has landed in someone’s inbox, like clicking the links or omitting the subscription list. Based on the conversion rate, they can tweak the email content and delivery method until they get the desired results.


Many e-commerce giants are all switching to email marketing instead of traditional marketing channels. They can directly communicate with customers in seconds while cutting out expensive advertising channels to deliver their message, like television, newspapers, or billboards. Companies are finding that they can avoid many unnecessary costs and still get instant profitable results from email marketing.

Customer Loyalty

Sending a personalized email directly to your clients helps create a more personal and inviting relationship. Consistently generating valuable email content gives clients a sense of trust and security. It also keeps people informed about different areas of your business, which works to continually generate attention - which is a great thing! Once you’ve connected with a client and landed in their inbox, the next time they need a product that you offer, you’re more likely to be top of mind.

The Challenges

Though full of potential, Email Marketing can be unsuccessful without strategic tactics.

Deciding Who to Target

It’s important to compile a list that reflects your target market. Many people think that the longer the list the better, but when an uninterested party receives your email, they probably won’t open it. The user’s mailbox will identify this pattern, and any subsequent emails will go into the junk folder of their mailbox, not their inbox. Email marketing tactics then become less effective and more time-consuming.

When curating your email list, do not try to include every contact you know. It's a counter-productive tactic. Instead, look for potential leads that are looking for the products/services you offer and ask for their contact information in return for a promotion, product sneak peek, or other offers. Narrowing your audience will ensure your emails are opened more often, increasing the number of users you convert.

Creating Relevant Content

When sending out promotional emails, be mindful that your audience might not want to be communicated with. No one likes spam in their inbox, and potential clients are likely to react adversely to these intrusions. To mitigate this challenge, focus on friendly, inviting, and non-aggressive campaigns. Likewise, by drawing your contacts from a predetermined email list that the user has signed up for, you’re removing any concern about sending unwanted emails to your audience. Instead, you’re sending out marketing materials to clients who have asked to be communicated, taking so much of the guesswork out of the equation!

Be mindful of the laws and regulations around sending commercial email messages within your jurisdiction. These can vary from place to place!

As with all customer related communication, you should be customer-focused when it comes to email marketing. Ask yourself these questions before optimizing the emails:

  • Do customers enjoy text-based emails or graphics-based emails?
  • What are they interested in? Are you being relevant? Are you offering values?
  • Do they have products in their shopping cart and just need an extra push to make a purchase?
  • Will they open the email when they see your subject lines?

Our Email Marketing Services

Are you generating leads from the email marketing campaigns you’ve been sending out? Are you capturing contact info to generate a client list on your website? You should be! Let our team of technical experts at Pixel Architect help you turn them into paying clients! From email marketing campaigns to strategic lead generation, we can help you craft and execute a well-thought-out email marketing campaign that is sure to get your company noticed!

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