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Social Media

What is Social Media?

Humans are typically social beings that thrive off of human connections and the ability to socialize with others. This, combined with an increase of access to the Internet and other web-based platforms, resulted in the social media phenomenon!

The term “social media” is described as online platforms that let users generate and interact with digital content. The increasing number of social media users has led to the creation of a diverse number of platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, and so many more! But not all social media websites or apps are made or used the same way, as they cater to different audiences and have various functionalities and algorithms.

Importance of Social Media

Social media is important because of its widespread and user-friendly services. It is a tool that can be used to connect families, friends, and like-minded individuals globally. It allows users to create and share content that is relevant to their lives or businesses. Many brands quickly identified the marketing potential so nowadays, almost every major brand has a strategic social media presence to increase audience exposure and engagement.

Why Social Media is Important for Your Business

Increases Brand Awareness

On social media, businesses can promote their brand to multiple people over a short period of time with minimal resources needed. Brands that analyze and interpret their social media data can maximize their exposure towards their target audience by understanding: which platform they use, what content they prefer, and which activity they interact with the most (such as liking, sharing, and commenting).

Attracts Loyal Customers

Unlike traditional media, social media enables two-way conversations between businesses and their audience. Brands can directly communicate with their customers to personalize their products and services. This interactive experience with your brand helps the consumer feel more valued and connected, increasing the desire to associate themselves with your brand.

Managing Your Social Media Accounts

In our connected society, almost everyone is plugged in and on social media! But just because you have a personal social media account, doesn’t mean you’re fluent in social media marketing. Everyday users can be experimental when running personal accounts, but for businesses who are building a social media presence, the focus is more about strategic engagement and less about creating aesthetic posts.

To step your business up to the next level, you need to have your social media managed by a company that knows the in’s and out’s of online platforms like the back of their hand! They remove the guesswork and focus on comprehensive strategies that help your clients feel informed and connected to your brand in a whole new way! Saving you time to focus your energy on other efforts within your business.

Our Social Media Services

At Pixel Architect, we focus on listening to your challenges and future goals, while being mindful of online trends and your target audience. We create customized content that aligns with your brand’s message to communicate with your target demographic. Our services include strategy, content development, and social media account management, all working in unison to drive traffic to your accounts and generate more leads.

To ensure our strategy and delivery are generating the best possible results, we track and analyze the data of your account performance using social media analytics tools. Our goal is to help you build a social media presence where your brand’s voice, style, and personality are authentically portrayed. Let us turn your platform into a hub for customer engagement and interaction!

Connect with us to get started with your Social Media project!