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Website Design

What Is Website Design?

Website Design is the process of designing the presentation of content on the website, including both visual and functional elements. It is the combination of multiple disciplines including: graphic design, user experience (UX) design, user interface (UI) design, web authoring, etc.

The web-designing process plays an integral part in constructing the function as well as the look and the feel of a website. Depending on the purpose of each site, web designers would follow different design philosophies and would use different visual hierarchies, layouts, fonts, and other customizable elements.

Successful Website Design Includes…

Responsive and Adaptive on All Devices

As mobile and tablet users increase rapidly, a successful website needs to adapt to multiple devices to serve a wide variety of audiences.

Adaptive websites act like fluid. Depending on the device, they can alter the layouts, font sizes, images, or button styles, bringing an inclusive website experience for all Internet users, no matter how they access the sites.

Accessible to Different Demographics

A successful website also needs to accommodate a variety of Internet users. Its functional and visual elements should be easy to understand and navigate, despite viewers' age, gender, or whether they have any disability. Some of the characteristics of an accessible website are:

  • Easy-to-read texts and web-safe fonts
  • Appropriate negative spaces
  • Consistent layout and color scheme
  • User-friendly and easy-to-navigate functions

Fast Loading Time

Time is gold in the rapidly-moving digital world, so user demand for fast loading time is higher than ever. Slow websites create frustration, resulting in less retention and conversion.

Although loading speed largely depends on web development factors (i.e., content management system or web hosting services), web designers also have significant contributions.

These web design elements can affect the website's speed:

  • Font types
  • Content volume (text, image, graphic, video, animation)
  • Number of pages

Quality UX/UI Design

Having quality UX/UI design improves your sites functionality, usability, and ensures your branding is cohesive throughout the entire website. These two disciplines go hand-in-hand with website design.

Click here to learn more about UX/UI design.

How Does a Well-Designed Website Improve Your Online Business?

Establishes Positive Brand Identity

In the digital age, a website is the most frequent point of contact between a brand and its new/existing customers. Having a website with excellent user experience and captivating user interfaces will create a positive impression with users, resulting in positive brand associations.

A website also reflects how a brand represents itself, its values, and demonstrates professionalism. Investing in high-quality website design that reflects all of the factors above can establish a brand impression and identity that draws attention and establishes credibility.

Increase Convergence Rate

Instead of passively consuming information on static websites, Internet users in the digital age now demand an interactive and engaging web experience.

Since viewer retention and engagement largely impacts commitments and purchase decisions, investing in a well-designed website is crucial if your goal is to increase convergence rates.

A website with good user experience lowers the abandon rates and increases revisits and gains more traffic and navigation time. It also improves the site's ranking on search engines, making the website easily discoverable by the masses.

Our Website Design Services

Investing in Website Design is crucial for any company looking to grow its online presence. A well-designed website can gain traffic, convert leads into customers, and promotes credibility.

Elevating your website design translates into elevating user experience, retention, and satisfaction. If you’re looking for a reliable web design agency to help you, we’d love to hear from you! We can assist you with:

  • Custom web design for a new website or a refresh to your existing one
  • Upgrading your website's user experience and interface design with our UX/UI experts
  • Integrating or creating your authentic logos and branding images with our talented in-house graphic designers

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