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Paid Ads Services

What are Paid Ads?

The current digital marketing world is filled with millions of new voices, stories, and campaigns every day. That volume poses a challenge for local businesses trying to stand out in a sea of advertisements.

Paid Ads create an entry point into the world of advertising where businesses, no matter how big or small, can bring their message to the masses. Paid ads offer a marketing solution that allows businesses to engage in the digital world and maximize their online visibility. The cost for paid ads can vary from one platform to another, and on most you can set your own budget based on the goals of your campaign.

Types of Paid Ads

Paid advertisements are most known on search engines (like Google) and social media platforms (like Facebook or Instagram). These websites attract billions of users every day and are suitable for different types of ad campaigns. Depending on your businesses products and goals, each platform offers its own set of unique benefits and the ability to customize your campaign to stand out against your competition.

Google Ads

Many digital advertisers trust Google because it is the most popular search engine on the Internet. Originally known as Google AdWords, Google Ads has many unique ad campaign options, all tailored for various purposes. Some examples include search campaigns, shopping campaigns, display campaigns, video campaigns, and app campaigns.

Among these options, search campaigns are the most versatile. Also known as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns, they let businesses promote relevant products/services through local or global Internet searches. Advertisers can determine the goal (such as more website traffic or more actions taken), pick the scope, and set the monthly budget for the project. Google guarantees these campaigns' results by only charging a fee each time an Internet user clicks the link on the search result.

Facebook Ads

Using Facebook Ads is a smart and intuitive way to connect with relevant users on social media. While Google personalizes ads based on the search result and location, Facebook lets advertisers promote their content directly to their targeted demographic. To run Facebook Ads, the user must determine the goal, the main audience, the period for which the ads should run, as well as the budget of the ad. The Facebook algorithm also studies the users' online behaviour to categorize different groups of consumers. Depending on these factors, the ads will show up on the news feed of selected Facebook users.

Instagram Ads

Instagram is a Facebook-owned company, so the ads management program works similarly to that of Facebook. Instagram promotes content based on selected goals, demographics, and budgets. Advertisers usually recommend having the Business profile for Instagram to maximize the ad management tool.

Advertisers can promote on Instagram using different formats, such as stories ads, photo/video ads, carousel ads, or collection ads. Ads on Instagram are a great way to capture your viewers' attention because it integrates more visual and audio components than any other ad platform.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Digital ad campaigns are a great tool for businesses to increase their online presence and capture online leads. However, if they are not created effectively they can be time-consuming and frustrating. The key to running a successful ad campaign is a thorough understanding of analytical tools, such as Google Analytics, to maximize the profit from your ad investment. These tools require digital marketing experienced with:

  • Converting business goals and concerns into tangible online strategy
  • Generating optimized content for paid ads campaigns
  • Managing ads campaigns to maximize the result
  • Translating data from analytical tools for constant improvement

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of this info or have little experience in the digital marketing world but are looking to get started with some paid ad campaigns, we can help!

Our Paid Ad Services

Running paid ads on social media or on search engines helps your brand gain visibility with the correct audience at the right time, turning users into customers!

Our specialists have experience creating a variety of ad campaigns for both search engines and social media platforms. We help you determine the best strategy, which will ensure you receive the highest return on your investment. Let us help you generate new leads and turn them into paying customers!

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