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Going all in with Drupal

Going all in with Drupal

Over the past few months, we here at Pixel Architect have made a shift in our business model.

In the past we have been known for our works on various websites using various platforms and technology. We have done some iOS and Android app development. We worked on websites using WordPress, React, Node.js and .NET. We also did some client work with SEO, Social Media and Internet Marketing. But as of right now, we have decided to go all-in on Drupal.

This shift may come to a surprise to some, others may have known it was coming for a while. We are not abandoning our non-Drupal clients, we are simply choosing to focus on Drupal Web Development from this point onwards.

Why the change?

It was an obvious choice, but a difficult one to make. The short story is that early in 2019 we took a look at our portfolio of web development clients. We had a deep looking at all the web projects we had on our plate we knew that the best and quickest way to scale was to focus on the technology that we do best - Drupal.

Why should you consider Drupal for your next website?

There are tons of reasons on why you should consider Drupal to build your next website. Here are our top 5 reasons on why we love Drupal and are shifting our business model to focus on Drupal Web Development.

  1. Drupal is stable and proven: Drupal was first released in 2000, 3 years before WordPress. Its was built as a true content management system and not as a blog platform. Drupal is trusted by thousands of multi-million dollar enterprises and governments to run their websites. Drupal is not going anywhere soon.
  2. Drupal is open-source and backed by a strong community of developers: There are thousands upon thousands of Drupal Web Developers actively supporting this community. They contribute code to better the Drupal, making to more secure, functional, and user friendly.
  3. Drupal is customizable: There are thousands of free modules and themes on Drupal.org to help you get started on your new website. There is almost no limit to what you can do with Drupal.
  4. Drupal is secure: Out of the top 4 content management systems (CMS) out there today (Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, and Magento) Drupal is the most secure platform out of the three. Sucuri released a report in 2018 detailing the most hacked and malware infected websites of 2017. WordPress came out as the most vulnerable with 83%, followed by Joomla (13.1%) and Magento (6.5%). By comparison the rating of Drupal was only 1.6%. If you were to invest money with a new website, security from hacks and malware should be one of your top considerations.
  5. Drupal is user friendly and mobile ready: If your Drupal website is set-up properly, content editing is a breeze. Drupal comes with a visual layout composer and on-page editing capabilities. Not to mention, most Drupal themes are mobile ready out of the box. This is highly important as most users use their mobile devices for browsing the internet.

Ready to get started?

Are you ready to get started with Drupal or do you still have some questions? Let us know what you think of Drupal, we'd love to hear from you.