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Google My Business Account

4 Reasons Why You Need A Google My Business Account

Google is the most well known and widely used search engine at the moment, accounting for up to 80% of desktop searches! But what really makes this search engine powerhouse stand out is its ability to filter search results based on relevancy and location data. With the increase in today’s booming online marketplace, how can you help your business stand out against the competition? Three words - Google My Business!

This powerful marketing tool is cheaper than Paid Ads, easier to use than search engine optimization (SEO), and quickly gets your business noticed!  We’ve highlighted the top four reasons why a Google My Business account is the quickest, cheapest, and most time-efficient marketing tool that you NEED to be using!

Google My Business is completely FREE

Unlike paid ads, Google My Business is completely free to install and use! It is hands down the most cost effective marketing strategy, designed to get your business on the map - literally. Even better, Google My Business allows you to link your website to your listing, making it so oh so easy for users to land on your website and engage with your brand.

Google My Business increases your visibility in Google searches

Setting up a Google My Business account helps ensure your business is set up for maximum exposure! Google helps users find verified business accounts using not one, but three different techniques: Google Maps, Google search results, and voice assistants.

Google maps

When you set up and verify your business profile, you automatically confirm your credibility with Google. The search engine then instantly knows it can feature your business on Google Maps searches, based on keyword relevancy and geographical location.

But it’s so much more than just a map! Google Maps can also display all the important information that your target audience needs, such as location, operating hours, ratings, reviews, and your social media newsfeed. Having all of this information updated and accessible is crucial - especially for local businesses that want to claim their authority in a geographical area.Google Search Results

Google search result

Did you know that when you have a Google My Business account, your business can show up ahead of the highest ranking websites on Google?

If you type "sushi in Vancouver" into a Google search, Google automatically populates a map for related sushi places in the area before displaying the organic search results. Since the Map is displayed at the top of the search page, it makes it more accessible for users, increasing the likelihood local users will gravitate towards the businesses that appear on the map pack.

Visibility on a Google search is 10 times higher when your business ranks in the top three of the map pack, as businesses who rank lower than the top three can only be viewed once a user has expanded the search to ‘view all’.

Voice assistants

Two of the top-rated voice assistants, Siri, and Google Assistant, all use Google as their default search engine. If you have a Google My Business account that ranks in the top three of the map pack, your business will be promoted to Siri and Google Assistant users as well. The best part about this? You don’t have to worry about a thing! Siri and Google Assistant will take care of your marketing for you!

Google My Business increases your credibility

Trust is the number one factor in fostering a long-term relationship with your clients. Unfortunately, in today’s digital marketplace, trust has been increasingly harder to cultivate, often requiring more effort by businesses to build credibility with their audiences.

Increased engagement

When you want to increase credibility, having customer engagement is key! Giving your clients the ability to comment, rate and review your business increases your engagement with current and future clients.

Google My Business is also a perfect opportunity for you to demonstrate your focus on customer service, by answering queries or resolving problems as soon as they are posted. Communicating promptly with users will increase your engagement rates, which helps to form strong bonds between businesses and their customers.

Earn trust from customers

How do online consumers make purchase decisions when faced with a plethora of competing brands? Many turn to ratings and reviews!

Customers trust ratings and reviews because they have confidence that these snapshots reflect real customer experiences. They offer a glimpse into your true practices, confirming whether you deliver on your promises and quality, or whether you fall short.

Google My Business is packed with useful marketing tools

Every Google My Business account has a free analytical tool called "insights" which provides information about account performance, as well as your target audience and how they're engaging with your business. Utilizing these tools and reporting features can help you optimize your marketing strategy accordingly, setting you up for better results.

We know that the nature of business is constantly shifting and you might be pivoting your services to reach a whole new audience. How does that affect your Google My Business Account? Don’t worry! You can update your products and services anytime, keeping your target market at the forefront of your interactions.


We know that it is no small feat to keep a business - no matter the size - running smoothly. If you can take one task off your plate, why wouldn’t you?! Having a Google My Business account is hands down the most time efficient marketing tool out there! All it requires on your part is the time and knowledge to set up the account, freeing up precious time so you can focus on other areas of your business.

Are you ready to get on the map with a Google My Business account? Our team at Pixel Architect can help you get started! Contact us today and inquire about our Digital Marketing and SEO services!